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Good quality fare at The Alderton Swan
24 Aug

More good quality fare coming from The Alderton Swan

[caption id="attachment_3350" align="alignnone" width="150"] Good quality fare at The Alderton Swan[/caption] The team at The Alderton Swan are working hard to match the top quality, refurbished surroundings with the fantastic quality of the local produce and top quality cooking. We are really looking forward to seeing you...

16 Jul

Digging Over….for now

          Well thank goodness for that! After a tough week uncovering all sorts of wonders and challenges in the rear garden, it is safe to state that the digging is over and the landscaping can commence in earnest! Even the digger was tired at the end of...

13 Jul


In our quest to source the finest lobster in the land, the family ventured to Menorca, Spain recently, and look what we found on this idyllic island...