Anyone for Gin?

Gin lane
20 Apr

Anyone for Gin?

Gin is a fabulous beverage, thus it is our intention to offer a selection of rare and intriguing vintages for our customers and friends to experiment with and seriously enjoy!

I appreciate that the history of gin is somewhat undignified especially during those early days whereby turpentine was often a common ingredient. However despite the Alderton Swan being of a similar vintage to gin in England, we are sure that the quality of one of our favourite tipples will be far superior to those old, dark days!



  • Ali
    23rd April 2016, 5:03 pm

    Can’t wait until you open! We move into the village in July and I am a gin lover! Can’t beat an Ophir with cardamom tonic with a slice of fresh ginger and fine slices of chilli pepper served in a goldfish bowl gin glass over plenty of ice! Hope to see you soon.

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