Proud to provide locally reared pork from Dingley Dell

4 Nov

Proud to provide locally reared pork from Dingley Dell

Amanda, David and Gary spent most of the day yesterday with Mark Hayward joint Owner of Dingley Dell Pork, and Ashmoor Hall Farm, thanks in no small part to Glyn Feller of Direct Meats who kindly initiated the appointment.

Dingley Dell now export Pork around the world and hold contracts with Cathay Pacific, Jumeirah in Dubai and Ramsey restaurants in the UK, but being based in Campsey Ashe are extremely local to us at the Alderton Swan, of course we mere minnows as compared to these other great names!

Thus in our quest for the perfect local ingredients we were honoured to be invited to Dingley Dell Farm. It was a fascinating tour that enabled us to learn so much more about the pig and the ambitions of Dingley Dell, in the production of tasty, naturally raised pigs in an environment that respects nature.

We were so fortunate to be able to hold a new born piglet, fresh from the mothers womb within the preceding three minutes. We also spent time in open pens with several dozen 13 week old pigs feeding them grass whilst they climbed all over us in a stress free environment, well except for the pigs enjoying crunching their teeth on the soles of our wellie boots!

We shall in the future ensure that we source and purchase all of our pork products from Dingley Dell, thank you again, most sincerely, for taking the time to show us your wonderful premises as well the splendid and most varied company!

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