Friends of the Academy

The Alderton Swan, proud sponsors of ITFC Academy.

Our inaugural event ‘In the Community’ was held at Rock Barracks, Sutton Heath, in conjunction with ITFC on Wednesday 16th November. The Alderton Swan are proud sponsors of ITFC Academy, at the level classified as ‘Friends of the Academy’.

Ipswich Town football club have kindly agreed to host a monthly coaching session for the youngsters of Sutton Heath Football Club as part of a new sponsorship package.

We also hope to be able to use the facilities at Portman Road which will be a great experience for the young footballers. The sessions are led by two of the Ipswich Town Academy coaches, working closely with the incumbent management team of Sutton Heath FC.

Below are a selection of the photos taken of one of the sessions, they all had such a great time, the author included! Furthermore the kids were exceptionally excitable so I am sure they also appreciated the experience.

Most importantly this session clearly benefitted Sutton Heath Under 9’s as they managed their first victory of the season on Saturday 19th November away at Copelston! Hooray!